Friday, May 17, 2013


Today we went to the Bugatti Trust, in Cheltenham, England, which is a museum, library, and archive of all things from the history of Bugatti.  It is adjacent to the Bugatti Car Club and The Prescott Speed Hillclimb Course.  There were some cars going up the hillclimb course today so I got some pictures of them.  Also we went to the Cotswold Motoring Museum in Bourton on Water, England today and I have included some pictures from that Museum.
Tomorrow we are going to the historic races at Silverston Race Track in Silverston, England.  Check back tomorrow for pictures.

A turbo charged engine from 1923.....a little ahead of the time
The bore was less than 3 inches, the whole engine is about 3 feet long

Little turbo

16 cylinder aircraft engine

If you needed to know anything about a Bugatti this place had the information.

I think the is a Lotus 7

AC from the 50's before the AC Cobra

'50 Bentley

Invicta from the 30's

You can get a lot of English cars in a small place.


A travel trailer for you Karen

The inside

Drop top Jag

Swoopy Riley

BMW 328 a real valuable care

56 Jaguar

3 Wheel Morgan

One of the 7 rooms.

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