Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Today we flew from Amsterdam to London and rented a car for a drive on the wrong side of the road to the Cotswolds.  We can say no one lost their life, no cars were damaged but some folks on a bus and Nonette and I did have a tense moment when I made a right turn into the right lane.  The Cotswolds are 2 hours north west of London.  The region was the center of the English wool production from the 16th through the 19th centuries.  We are staying in a bed and breakfast in Armscote, England.  The Willow Corner Bed and Breakfast is a 350 year old, thatched roof house.  Since Armscote doesn't have a restaurant we drove to the nearby village of Ilimington and had supper at The Howard Arms Pub.  Below are some pictures we took walking around Ilimington before supper.  Tomorrow we are going to Chipping Campden and walk through the fields with the sheep, and see what we can see.  Check back tomorrow for more tales of wrong side motorsports and charming English villages.  Saturday we are going about an hour east of here to The Silverstone race track where they have the British Formula 1race.  Saturday they are having Historic Races where they race all kinds of old race cars from the 40's through the 70's.  They will probably have some old Mustangs running.  As some of the people were saying as they left the pub Cherri-o.  See you tomorrow.  

This is our bed and breakfast with a thatched roof and a 5 and a half foot front door.

The remainder of the pictures are from Ilimington.

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