Saturday, May 11, 2013

Today the ship stopped at Falmouth, England.  Falmouth is on the extreme southwest coast of England.  It is right before you get to the area known as Lands End.  For centuries it was a huge Tin mining area.  The tin played out about 30 years ago and now the town is a fishing and tourist town.  It has one main street that runs one block off the port area.  We had real fish and chips and pasty's, a kind of shepherds pie, and they we both very good.  Tomorrow we stop in Le Havre, France which is our last stop before the cruise ends in South Hampton.  From South Hampton we fly to Amsterdam where we are going to see the tulip fields and wind mills.  Look at some of the pictures we took in Falmouth.  Check bay for more posts.

Agriculture on the hills

This church was built in the 1500's

The main drag

from the port looking back at town

All the hills had fields of crops

the harbor

a beautiful old double masted sailing ship

pretty garden in front of 16th century house

my good looking tour guide

our first english phone booth

real good fish and chips

Nonette having  a pasty

from the harbor back toward town

Nonette's friend Laurel Anderson sent us flowers on the ship.  Thanks Laurel.

Nonette is line dancing dude.

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