Sunday, May 19, 2013


Today we got up and went to Chipping Campden and went to The Baptist Church.  This was the first Baptist church we have come across in our travels.
They were very friendly and they made us feel very welcome.  It was a very good service, with about two hundred people in attendance, and it was about an hour and forty five minutes which would have been a little long in Canyon, America.  After church we looked around Chipping Campden for a while then we went to Broadway a very pretty little village.  We came home to Armscote where our B&B is and walked around this afternoon.  There may be a hundred people living in this little village but it is beautiful.
All the pictures today are of our B&B Willow Corner and the Village of Armscote.  The house, that is our B&B is 350 years old.  The very last picture is of the Baptist Church we went to this morning.

Some fat guy in the front yard

The living room.  Note the beam 5'8" off the floor.

The Dining Area

The front garden

The Building with its thatched roof.

A thatch roof barn

Nonette in front of one of the beautiful old houses

Many of the trees are flowering now

Another pretty old house

Walking down the lane.  Two cars are expected to meet and pass on this road.

A happy couple enjoying the sunshine in the front garden

Even these horses have a thatched roof.

One of the pretty farm fields outside the village

The Baptist Church at Chipping Campden and the gentleman that greeted us.

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