Saturday, May 18, 2013


Here are some action shots from todays Historic Races at Silverston.  It was overcast, and having no knowledge of the track, I just had to try to find a good vantage point with the least obstructed view.  Click on the pictures to view larger images.  Enjoy the pictures.

This Mustang is so clear because it is going so slow.

The Corvette was only a little faster than the Mustang

Lotus Elan just out leans the TR 4

Jag and Cobra

The little guys peddling as fast as they could

This little TVR with a Ford Small Block won this class.



This is how this class finished Morgan 1, TVR 2, 240 Z  3.

His wife is getting a new engine for her birthday.

How about these paint schemes.

Beautiful old Porsche

This Lotus is smooth.

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