Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2nd Munich, Germany

We took the train this morning from Salzburg to Munich.  These German trains a fast, clean, and smooth riding.  Our country could use a train system like Europe has.  The train  station  in Munich was hugh and about 25 places to eat.  See the pictures.  We walked from the train station down a pedestrian only street filled with shops and kiosks selling everything from fruit to suites.  We saw Marionplatz, the  pedestrian only town square, that is also filled with shops and kiosks.  We went to the Englisher Garden, the largest city park in Europe.  A river runs through the park so fast that there is a place where surfers surf on the waves.  See picture.  On the way to the Englisher Garden we stopped at Hofbrau Haus and had lunch and listened to the Um Pah band.   We finished up the day back at our hotel.

Tomorrow I am going to the BMW factory and museum.  While I am there Nonette is going to be shopping at all those shops and kiosks.  She hopes I don't buy a BMW and I hope she doesn't buy something at all the shops and kiosks.  Tomorrow afternoon we are going to the German concentration camp Dachau.  This should be a moving place like the American Cemetery in Normandy.

I hope the BMW place and Dachau are interesting because, so far, Munich hasn't been much punkin.

Last night we did get to video chat with our grandbaby Claire, back in the U S of A.  Technology is goooood!

We also got to Skype with our son Taylor, who is helping clean up after the Alabama tornadoes.

Check in tomorrow for something that I hope is good.

The Munich Train Station


Personal, locked up beer mugs,  at Hofbrau Haus
You must be a real regular to get one of these.
 The Um Pah Band at Hofbrau Haus

 Surfing the River

 Englisher Garden

 Shops and Kiosks

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