Friday, May 20, 2011

May 18th Paris

Paris is a great city.  We saw some great sights and I got my pocket picked while riding on the Metro.  The cute little girl that picked my pocket had acquired some very good post graduate skills.  I thought that if a cute girl gets 30 euros from you you are supposed to get more of a thrill.   Paris evidently has some oil reserves because we found an oil derrick that was the biggest one I have ever seen.  The demographics of Paris, I think, has changed; most of the people I saw were orientals with cameras buying Louis Vuitton bags.  Nonette did some line dancing in front of The Hotel De Ville.  Actions pics below.  We went to the Louvre, The big oil derrick, and The University of Notre Dame at Paris.  See the pics below.  

This was our last day in Europe.

We are now at home in Canyon, where we had Mexican food today for lunch.  It tasted great and we could read the menu.

This was a great trip and I have 4,888 photographs in Iphoto.  If you have a week off sometime, come by and we will show you the slide show.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you earlier that I drove on the autobahn in Germany.  I once got up to 100 miles per hour only to have a motor cycle pass me and disappear in about 5 seconds.  He and many of the big  BMW's, Mercedes, and Audis were doing at least 150 mph and the gas costs $8.57 a gallon.  Luckily the  three cars we rented on our trip got 40 to 50 miles per gallon.  I saw a liter of 5w40 motor oil that sold for 25 euros a liter.  That's over $130 for the oil for an oil change.  The prices in America aren't as high as you think.

This is the hillbillies on holiday signing off for this trip.  Stay tuned for new trips to new places.

the big oil derrick

Nonette with some chocolate - banana crepes.  Real good.

Nonette by the big church.

The Hotel De Ville
Nonette line dancing in front of The Hotel De Ville.
Believe it or not there is a line dancing club in Paris.  They were playing country music and dancing in front of The Hotel De Ville.  Get the guy in black on the left side of the picture.

Nonette in front of The Louvre.

The French are good at stealing things.  They stole this obelisk from the Egyptians.

That oil derrick is sure made of pretty parts.

A pretty little cafe close to Notre Dame

Notre Dame

Winged Victory at the Louvre

They stole this Egyptians casket.

It seems like reading the hand writing on the wall wasn't all that easy for the Egyptians

Venus De milo at The Louvre 

Now this ol girl was real popular at the Louvre.  She wasn't that good looking either.


  1. The two of you seem to still be going strong!!!
    Great pictures!!