Saturday, May 14, 2011

May 11th Sinsheim Museum

The greatest technical museum on earth is The Sinsheim Museum in Sinsheim, Germany.  It has 65 airplanes including 2 supersonic airliners, one Russian and one French.  It has every WWII German airplane, and some from WWI.  It has at least 80 German, American, and Russian tanks.  It has every wheeled and tracked vehicle used by the German and American armies in WWII.  It has every uniform worn by all branches of the German military during WWII.  It has a German cannon with a 12" bore.  It has 10 steam locomotives.  It has at least 20 Formula 1 race cars.  It has 60 farm tractors.  It has a great collection of 50's and 60's American cars.  It has the largest collection anywhere of European cars including a Bugatti Royale, of which there were 5 manufactured.  The last one I heard of selling was for 5 million dollars.  It has an Alfa Romeo race car from 1933 worth at least 4 million dollars.  It has every important English and European car ever made.   Sometime in the future I am  going to put more pictures from this museum on the internet. 

WWII German Heinkle Bomber

Some bigger than average cannon projectiles

He has 10 of these steam locomotives.  See how little Nonette looks.

A steam powered electric generator.

A room sized calliope

The Bugatti Royale

The Alfa race car.

A one wheel motor cycle.  How about this one George and La Quita

A WWII hog.

This is a 1907 Simplex that competed in the Peking, China to Paris, France race in 1997  yes  1997.  How would you like to drive this one 6000 miles in sun, rain, and snow?

Formula 1 Cars

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