Sunday, May 15, 2011

May 15th Bacharach and a Rhine Cruise

We are staying in a little wine town on the Rhine River called Bacharach.  The oldest house in the town was built in 1368 (picture below).  Vineyards fill the hills around the village as wine and the tourist that buy it are the big businesses here.  Nonette says it's one of the prettiest places we have been.  It has much of it's original city wall and 4 of the original 16 towers are still standing.  There is a castle above the town on a hill that is very pretty.  After we looked around Bacharach this morning we jumped on a Rhine Cruise ship and rode down the river looking at the Castles.  The cargo ships on the Rhine are huge and you can see pictures of them and the castles below.  The cruise on the Rhine was very relaxing and beautiful.  We rode down the river for about 2 hours and rode back up the river for 3 hours.  The ship we were on was very large and the ride was smooth as glass.

Tomorrow we look at Bacharach some more in the A.M. then take the train to Frankfurt.

The house built in 1368.  The whole thing is leaning in many directions.   Not bad,  though, for nearly 700 years old.

A vineyard about 50 yards from our bed and breakfast.

The two wooden projections on this side were the castle outhouses.

A Rhine Cruise Ship.

The freighters just carry their cars with them because they live on the ship

The ship we rode on.

A car ferry on the river

Nonette and I on the ship.

The same two good looking people.

Four ships wide on the Rhine.  The ship on the far side has brought the containers all the way from the North Sea.

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