Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today we went to Pisa.  2 people from the panhandle and about 30,000 folks from around the world saw Pisa today.  Pisa was founded by the Romans in around 600 BC.  It was an important Roman naval base.  About 1200 AD Pisa's power as a sea trading center peaked.  It was a sea trading power with the likes of Venice and Genoa.  The crusaders hired boats from Pisa to carry them and their supplies as they went off to conquer the Holy Lands.  They used the wealth gained from shipping to build the Field of Miracles where the Leaning Tower is, along with the Duomo, and The Baptistery, the other buildings in the pictures below.  These buildings were built of white marble from northeast of the city.  The top of the tower leans 15 feet.  Construction was begun in 1172 but was not completed until 1373 because 5 years into the build it started to lean.  The whole town is unstable because it is built on the delta sand of the Arno River.

Nonette, with obligatory, holding up the tower picture

Ditto for me

A few of the folks looking at the tower.

How about this parallel parking.  Didn't even touch that wall. 

The Baptistry 

The Duomo

The Duomo

This wouldn't meet code in Canyon.

The Duomo

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