Thursday, May 3, 2012


We are still alive and doing well on the Cruise.  We are cruising on The Norwegian Jade through the Greek Islands.  The internet on the ship is slower than dial-up and costs 75 cents per minute.  To download the pictures for a blog would cost more than our vacation.  I am in a restaurant in Katalono Greece that has wifi for the cost of a Mythos beer, and the beer is pretty good.  I am sending you this message just to keep you informed that there will be more blogs to come, but, right now, we will not be able to post more until we get to our first Agritourismo in Italy.  So stay tuned and keep checking back.

Here's Nonette on the deck of the Jade.  This ship is 950 feet long and has 2000 guests.  It has 13 decks with 2 pools and about 15 places to eat.  We are having a great time on the Greek islands and getting fat.  keep checking back and we will do more posts when we get back on land in Italy.

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  1. Beautiful lady in a beautiful setting! Enjoy your trip!