Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Today took us to the impressive fortress city of Lucca.  Lucca, today, is known for being Europe's leading producer of toilet paper and Kleenex, however its real history goes back some 2000 years.  It actually has had 3 protective walls in its past---a Roman wall, next the medieval wall, then a 16th century wall that survives today.  The invention of cannons, made the medieval walls very vulnerable so a new design was put into place in 1550-1650 and that is the one that is still standing today.  They built 11 heart-shaped bastions to minimize exposure to cannonballs and each rampart was armed with 130 cannons.  Today was also laundry day for us and conveniently there was a launderette just about one block inside the walls.   The walls make a circle that covers about 2 miles and we were able to rent bicycles and leisurely ride around the top.

Taking a bike ride around the wall

There were probably 200-300 people riding bikes around the wall.

There was very old but very beautiful  sights everywhere. 

This lady weaves cloth and makes it into garments. 

This circular area is where, at one time, was a Roman amphitheater that could hold over 10,000 people. 

More of the amphitheater

One of the 11 heart shaped bastions.

More of the wall

Supper was on the balcony of our bed and breakfast bought at the local grocery store.   

Getting ready to do laundry.

The laundry.   

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