Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On Monday we drove from Cesena to Siena.  We drove through lots of villages and we stopped at a few.  We stopped in Montepultiano, Pienza, and Chiusure.  The villages were beautiful but the countryside vistas were amazing.  We took over 300 pictures and edited those down to these.    They have had more rain this year and everything is greener and prettier than last year.  One of the prettiest drives on the planet.  Enjoy the drive!

The yellow flowers are the plants that we get Canola Oil from.

We have visited this shoe store in Pienza two years in a row.

These red flowers are roadside weeds and they are beautiful.

Chiusure the sight of the Artichoke festival that we missed by a day.

Montipultiano on the hill.

A fixer-upper that Nonette wants to buy.  It's in Pienza where the shoe store is.

Yellow roses aren't always in Texas.

About every five miles there was a valley like this one.

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