Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Today we visited Amsterdam. Amsterdam has more bicycles per capita than anywhere in the world. Everyone has one or two. We took a boat tour of the city. We fly back to the U.S. in the morning. We have been on one river cruise and ridden 25 trains to get from Avignon, France to Amsterdam, Netherlands. We are ready to get home and see our kids and grandkids. I am ready for some Donut Stop coffee and Nonette is ready for coffee with her prayer group girls. It will also be great to be somewhere where we speak the language   It has been a wonderful trip and we hope you have had fun traveling with us. Enjoy a few pictures of Amsterdam.

Tulip bulb market
Hillbillies at the tulip market
A canal cruise boat 
There is nothing "square" about these pretty buildings. 
Kids on boat tour 
One of the 1000 bridges in Amsterdam 

I'm a sucker for a Porsche
Amsterdam train station

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