Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Today we visited the Louwman Automobile Museum in The Hague, Netherlands.  This is one of the largest privately owned automobile museums in the world.  He has over 250 cars and the Talbot Lago's  pictured below are worth several million each.  A great collection with many rare American Cars.  This collection of cars compares well to the Nethercutt Collection in California.  There are several cars that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans race.  Tomorrow is the "shop til you drop" day in Amsterdam.  We are scheming a way to smuggle tulip bulbs out of Holland; except that would probably put us over our weight limit for our luggage.  Tomorrow in Amsterdam; then we are flying home on Thursday.

32 coupe with Hemi
Lincoln custom sedan delivery

Custom cycle in back

1939 Lagonda class winner at 1939 24 hours of Le Mans

1955 Abrath

1914 American Underslung

Chrysler Town and Country Convertible

1935 Duesenber SJ Nonette says we would look good driving this in Canyon

1910 Rolls Royce Shooting Brake

1903 Spyker Race Car; First car with 6 cylinders, 4 wheel drive, and 4 wheel brakes

1924 American La France fire truck; had to have driver for back wheels too

1935 Talbot Lago

1937 Talbot Lago

1904 Daimler Double Decker bus

1935 Lagonda winner 1935 24 hours of Le Mans

1912 Panhard with body by a ship builder; no doors

1903 Ford Model A

1887 Steam Car

Nonnie under small art work

1957 Jaguar Overall Winner of 1957 24 hours of Le Mans

1952 Aston Martin Competed in 1952 and 2015 Milli Miglia

The Aston Martin from the movie Gold Finger

1913 Thames Double Decker Motor Coach 45 horsepower; top speed 13 mph.  That back wheel is about 48 inches tall

This guys first car collected was a '24 Dodge.  He recreated a old Dodge Dealership in the museum

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