Sunday, September 6, 2015


Brugge may be the chocolate capital of the world. There is a chocolate shop every 100 feet. Chartered in 1129 Brugge was one of Europes most important trading centers until about 1500 when the canals silted in. Because of the many canals Brugge was called the Venice of the north. We toured a brewery that was very interesting. Some their beer has 11% alcohol. We saw Michelangelo's Madonna and child which was done in 1504, in The Church of Our Lady.   We walked up on a cheese festival and had lots of samples. Brugge is a beautiful old city. 

The burg

Brewing pots
Great fries with mayonnaise 

Cheese festival
Swiss horn blowers in Belgium

Madonna and child

Church on market square

NONNIE on bridge with swan 

Our hotel on the canal
Sunbeam Alpine by our hotelo

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