Sunday, August 23, 2015


We spent the day in Vienne, France.  The Romans came here in the second century BC.   There is a very good Museum dedicated to the time when the Romans were here.  At the end of the pictures you will see The Temple of Augustus which is one of the only intact Roman temples left in the world.  In a recent PBS special it was said to be one of the ten most important buildings that contributed to modern architecture.   Enjoy a few pictures.  Sorry for the delay; bad internet service right now.

A pretty Flower in some pretty flowers

The answer was yes I'll have some


Nonnie on the Roman Road.  A little rough for  street rod. 

If you have been in an outhouse you know what this is.

A mosaic floor

Citroen 2CV

We went to a church just before a wedding.

Beautiful arches and my beauty.

Jefferson was the Ambassador to France.  The front of his home; Monticello looks just like this as do many government building in our country.  They look like this because Jefferson was so impressed by this building that it's design inspired many buildings; and this is a small town in southern France.

Nonnie going back on the ship.

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