Saturday, August 22, 2015


Today we visited Lyon France which, like other cities in this area, was a Roman outpost.  There was a beautiful church and a lovely old town.  Nonette did some shopping and we had a great time sightseeing.  This is the place where the Jacquard weave was invented. To do this process they invented punch cards for the shuttle to go through.  This eventually lead to development of the punch cards used on the first computers developed.   Lyon also claims to have had the very first movie process created here.   Lyon is a large city with all the conveniences that come with that but it also has an old town district where you feel like you step back in time.  

Fisherman on the Soane River

 Nonnie walking by Mural of people walking on the streets

Pictures from the Church

 Shopping in Old Town

That girl buys lots of soap.

Biscuit Shop

The outside of the church

Bicycles you can rent and leave somewhere else

Lyon is famous for it's silk weaving 

More silk

A duck in the stateroom

Hillbillies on Holiday

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