Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Our flight out of Atlanta was delayed two hours because of bad weather, so, sure enough, we missed our connection in Amsterdam.  We only had to wait two hours for another flight to Lyon, France.  From Lyon we traveled by bus to Chon-sur-Saone, France where Nicephore Niepce invented photography.  We were a couple of hours late getting to our ship The Viking Delling, but in true Robinson form we got there in time for a great supper.  The bus ride was great as it allowed us to see some French Agriculture.  We saw corn fields, strawberry fields, sunflower fields, onion fields and even some cattle operations.  Tomorrow we wake up in Beaune in the middle of French wine country.
I gave you the wrong name of our river we are sailing on; we are on the Saone River in southeastern France.
Train Station in Lyon

French Corn Field

French Grain Elevator

Cattle operation

The kids on the bus

Swan swimming by our window on the ship

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