Monday, August 24, 2015


Today we visited Tourney, France.  The excursion for the day was a steam train ride up  through the mountains to the top  of one of those mountains.  We sat on the wrong side of the train and didn't get that many good pictures.  The afternoon was spent sailing down the Rhone toward Avignon.  After dinner we went to a Dance Party where we danced to lots of oldies including YMCA as you can see, in the pictures, but also, All My Exes Live In Texas, with a French accent.  Tomorrow Arles.  Enjoy the pictures.  The internet is slow on the ship; it takes about 6 hours to upload these pictures.

At the hop

Map of Tourney



Kids on the bridge

Nonnie and the bridge

Pictures of our steam train ride

Bridge from the 1400's

Lots of pretty houses

Corn they use to feed Chickens

Nonnie on the road above the Aqueduct

Nonnie's Salad at lunch

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  1. Wonderful to see these photos! Take care of each other; U R both in my tho'ts, w/love, L.