Monday, April 14, 2014


Today the Pony Drive we drove from Little Rock to Memphis.  It was just a couple of hours and when we got to Memphis they had Beale street blocked off All the Mustangs, about 250, parked on the street, while everyone had lunch. It was great fun.  Also while in Memphis I am staying at my son Jackson's house where my two grand daughters live.  Claire and Scarlett had been saving up sugar for me so I have gained a little weight.  Tomorrow it is off to Cavett's house in Birmingham for some more weight gain.  Here are some pictures of Beale Street.  Check back later for more.

Me and my Mustang

Australian Mustanger

Mustangers from New Zealand

4 Blocks of Mustangs

B B Kings Place on the corner

These Australians bought the car in Florida and are shipping it home after.

A great time on Beale Street

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