Friday, November 12, 2010

Redwoods, The Coast, and a Bridge

Friday we drove from Santa Rosa northwest to Albion, California.  We took the California Coast Highway from Albion to San Francisco.  We drove through a redwood forest between Santa Rosa and Albion where we saw lots of 200 foot redwoods.  These huge trees were only about 9 miles from the coast.  The coast highway from Albion and San Francisco had hundreds of turns so it took nearly all day to go the 120 miles or so.  When we got to San Francisco we took some pictures of The Golden Gate Bridge and went across the bridge to Fisherman's Wharf where we saw some of the sights and had supper at a seafood restaurant.   While taking our pictures of the bridge, Nonette saw several dolphins and seals playing in the bay.

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  1. That picture of mom with the sun coming through the trees is excellent. This is a great post.