Saturday, November 13, 2010

Monterey California

Today we spent the whole day in Monterey California.  The first part of the day was spent at Fisherman's Wharf where we had lunch and did some shopping.  Later we went to Cannery Row for more shopping.  Nonette and I then drove around the coast of the Monterey Peninsula where we got some pictures of the coast.  Later we went back to Cannery Row for dinner.  This is a beautiful area.  

A whale at Fishermans Wharf.

Everyone brought their seal from home and left it on these rocks.

Nonette on Cannery Row

Some picture around the coastline

 There were some big waves today.

Nonette looking real good.

Kinda had the white balance messed up on the lighthouse.

Sunset on the coast at Monterey

Another great day!

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