Thursday, April 14, 2011

Paris to Bayeux

We got into Paris this morning around 8:15.  We took the train into Paris and picked up our Hertz rental car, and that's when things got interesting.  Okay, we are in the center of Paris at the Gare Lyon train station.  We hook up the Garmin and it does not work.  I had printed some turn by turn directions from google maps.  Well, Nonette was able to direct us out of Paris and to Bayeux with only minor glitches.  We were only honked at once and not once were we killed.  We made it to our hotel and jet lag caught up with us and made us take a nap.  We had dinner at a place next to the hotel.  Our waiter did not speak English and we were less than fluent in French.  On our drive from Paris we saw beautiful green fields punctuated by beautiful fields of yellow flowers.  Tune in tomorrow for pictures of these flowers and pictures of all things to do with the D-Day invasion.   For the real good news, the Garmin is now up and running.

From the hillbilly's on holiday

Nonette and Jerry

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  1. Have a Great Trip!! Tell Coach Rob Hi for Me!!

    Joshua Cuellas